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Vicki Ratcliffe: An Investment in Quality Radio

Vicki Ratcliffe: An Investment in Quality Radio

WAMU 88.5 touches the lives of many people in the Washington, DC metro area and around the world. Through its many stimulating programs, such as NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered, American Public Media's Marketplace, and original WAMU programming like The Diane Rehm Show and The Kojo Nnamdi Show, the station inspires continuous learning and civil discourse for its listeners.

One such listener, Vicki Ratcliffe, has enjoyed public radio for as long as she can remember. Born blind, she recalls listening to WAMU as a young girl and being fascinated by the world that opened up to her through the radio. A lifelong learner and traveler, Ratcliffe has never let her condition prevent her from enjoying an active and fulfilling life. Throughout her career as a computer specialist, she regularly tuned into WAMU, allowing it to broaden her perspective through captivating storytelling on topics such as politics, the arts, and the sciences. Now retired, Ratcliffe likes hearing accounts of people in both faraway villages and nearby cities and how they cope with the various challenges they encounter in their lives. "Public radio opens my mind to other people," she says, "and gives me insights into their lives."

In thinking about WAMU, Ratcliffe ponders its future. She wonders, "is the younger generation listening to this stimulating radio? If not, how do we attract and engage them? If I were 20, what programs would I want to hear?" She realizes the importance of WAMU changing with the times, and she wants to help provide for the station's future and help empower its unique voice. That is why Ratcliffe has included WAMU 88.5 in her will. Her life has been enriched by the station, and she wants to ensure that it continues to offer quality programming and exuberant exploration of the world to future listeners.