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Pat Esslinger: Supporting a Trusted Service

Pat Esslinger:  Supporting a Trusted Service

WAMU 88.5 supporter Pat Esslinger has five radios placed throughout her house that are always tuned to 88.5. "Turning on the radio means turning on WAMU," says Pat. After early retirement from the government, she became a self-employed facilitator of technology-enabled meetings and began working from home. WAMU is her "constant companion" and something she "couldn't live without."

Whether Pat's listening to Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me or Marketplace, she's getting the "public radio sound" that she loves and trusts. Her appreciation for the civil discourse and reasonable dialogue on WAMU's programs motivated Pat to name WAMU a residual beneficiary of her charitable remainder trust. She wants WAMU to continue to grow and reach new listeners and stay ahead of what's next in programming and technology.

Pat's wide range of interests mirrors the diversity of programming heard on WAMU 88.5. One weekend she's in her home state of Texas playing guitar with her brother, and on the next she's attending a play at Roundhouse Theatre in Bethesda, Md. She is passionate about learning and trying new experiences and stresses the importance public radio has in her life. "WAMU tells me what I need to know," says Pat.

Pat notified WAMU of her legacy commitment so she could deepen her engagement with the station during her lifetime as a member of the 1961 Society. WAMU's 1961 Society recognizes the generosity of those who have included WAMU 88.5 or Bluegrass Country 105.5 in their charitable estate plans. Members periodically receive invitations to station events and special informational mailings throughout the year.

Thanks to Pat's generosity and that of other like-minded supporters, WAMU can continue to serve as a vital source of news and information that connects listeners to their community and the world.


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