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John and Isabelle Hopkinson: Investing in the Promise of WAMU 88.5's Future

John and Isabelle Hopkinson: Investing in the Promise of WAMU 88.5's Future

John and Isabelle Hopkinson are loyal supporters of WAMU 88.5. Members of the station's Leadership Circle, the Hopkinsons chose to name WAMU 88.5 among the beneficiaries of their charitable estate plans. Their story represents the international profile of metropolitan Washington, and their support is indicative of the value the greater community places on responsible, trustworthy news reporting and cultural discourse.

John and Isabelle met in London, England where John studied abroad at the London School of Economics. Isabelle, originally from the Burgundy region of France and working in London at the time they met, chose to return with John to his native Virginia. They have built John's international accounting and consulting practice together and have two grown children, Charlotte and Sebastien. Although choosing to reside in the United States, the family has maintained their considerable ties abroad. Each member of the Hopkinson family holds dual US and French citizenship and they spend extended periods in both countries, and they enjoy traveling to many other countries, as well.

The Hopkinsons' international perspective played a large role in their interest in WAMU 88.5. They are dedicated fans of the station and its broad array of programming. "No matter the perspective, no matter the topic, we know that when it comes to programming on WAMU we will receive valuable, respectful information about our community in all the ways we define it - local, regional, national, and global," John shares. "Together we have come to the realization that as a family we value WAMU's mission enough to include it as a beneficiary of our estate plans and we hope one day our support will help the station reach even greater levels of prominence in the broadcast community. We view a legacy investment in WAMU as an investment in educating the public, in the broadest sense."

WAMU 88.5 is deeply grateful to benefit from the Hopkinson's benevolence, and we salute the example they set for the greater community.


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