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A Shared Commitment to WAMU

A Shared Commitment to WAMU

Giving of themselves and their resources comes naturally to WAMU 88.5 supporters Larry Jacobs and Steve Snapp. In their words, they are both in the "service business" and find working with and helping people an especially meaningful part of their professions. Contributing to causes they believe in - public media for one - is another way they give back to their community.

An attorney with McMillan Metro, P.C. whose practice areas include estate planning and administration, Larry often asks his clients who are considering gifts to family members, "How much is enough?" He encourages them to reflect also on organizations they care deeply about and may have supported throughout their lives. This is what he and Steve did when they created their estate plans soon after their marriage nearly eight years ago. In addition to human rights and arts groups, they chose to name WAMU a beneficiary in their trusts.

WAMU is always on in the background of Larry and Steve's Potomac, MD home where Steve works most days. Steve fills many roles as the Creative Director for Classic Journeys, which specializes in cultural walking adventures, culinary tours, and family excursions, a realtor with Coldwell Banker, and a marketing consultant. He stays caught up on the world around him by listening to WAMU.

For Steve, "WAMU is the steady, reliable voice I count on, but I also appreciate the friendly face that the station shows to us as supporters." Larry adds, "We really enjoy the rich content WAMU provides on the air and at its community events. We're glad that it's woven into our lives." Steve and Larry regularly attend events at WAMU including the 1961 Society Brunch, held in recognition of those who have included the station in their estate plans, and special panel discussions featuring on-air personalities.

WAMU is deeply grateful to Larry and Steve for their generosity. Through their legacy support of the station, they are ensuring WAMU remains a vital source of news and information for generations of listeners to come.