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Virginia A. McArthur: Ensuring the Future of WAMU 88.5

Virginia A. McArthur:  Ensuring the Future of WAMU 88.5

Longtime WAMU 88.5 supporter Virginia A. McArthur ("Ginny") tunes in to WAMU each day to learn about the day's events and to hear the kind of intelligent and thorough reporting she's come to rely on. "I don't need to read the paper. I get it all from WAMU," says Ginny.

Service has been a lifelong priority for Ginny who was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia in the 1960s. After having established herself in Washington, D.C. she began to get involved with local organizations including WAMU. When she heard of WAMU's Development Advisory Council, which helps raise funds for the station, she applied to join the Council so she could be a part of advancing the mission of WAMU. "It's been a great way to get to know other supporters who are passionate about WAMU and to better understand the inner workings of the station," says Ginny. She also serves as a board member at Studio Theatre in Washington, D.C.

An estate planning attorney by profession, Ginny knows the value of preparing for the future and providing for the people and organizations that matter most in one's life. In 2012, she established an endowment, the Virginia A. McArthur Fund, at WAMU to provide unrestricted support to the station. Ginny also has named WAMU among the beneficiaries of her estate.

She hopes her legacy support will enable WAMU to continue to employ "exceptional talent" and to air "engaging programs."

Asked why she is such a strong supporter of WAMU, Ginny gives this answer: "WAMU is such a vital part of my day-to-day life. How could I not support its future?" All of us at WAMU thank Ginny for her extraordinary commitment to the station.


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