1961 Society

The 1961 Society recognizes those individuals who have made a gift of everlasting significance by including WAMU 88.5 as a beneficiary (revocable or irrevocably) in their will, life insurance, charitable gift annuity, charitable trust, retirement account, or similar vehicle. We are honored to include these thoughtful members in WAMU's 1961 Society:

Anonymous (8)
Robert W. Anthony
Charles W. Applegate
Christine D. Berg
Neil Beskin and Trudie Cushing
Joan E. Darrah
Charles B. Degges
Adrienne Dern
David B. Eccleston
Deborah S. Eliason
Carolyn A. Eldred
Patricia L. Esslinger
Eugenie Z. Fitzgerald
John A. Fitzgerald
Susan J. Fox
Alberta C. Frost
Christy L. Gavitt
Edward F. Gerber
W. Kay Gilley
Susan E. Gordon
Leslie Graham
Barbara A. and Robert S. Hall
Susan Harding
Burt Heacock and Theresa Ostrowski
Judith A. Henderson
Christopher J. Hinkle
Seth R. Honig
John E. and Isabelle C. Hopkinson
Christine S. Huddle
Ann L. Ingram
Arthur M. Katz
Jacqueline Kennedy
Michael Kessler
Linda Kisner
Seth A. Koch
Alice Lafever-Britten
Deirdre LaPin
Diane Larrick
William R. Leahy
Harvey Leifert
Betty A. Mandel and Juan A. Perez
Caryn G. Mathes
Virginia McArthur
Judith L. Neason
Nonna A. Noto
Olmer, Judith S.
Wendy Y. Ponvert
Kathleen H. Quinn
Abraham A. and Senta A. Raizen
Vicki Ratcliffe
Diane A. Rehm
Carol A. Reich
Carol Ann Rudolph
Janet Sargent
Steven Snapp and Lawrence S. Jacobs
Thomas H. Stutzman
Patricia Sullivan
Ingrid M. Sunzenauer
Carmela Vetri
Chad Walter
Philip M. and Irene P. Werntz
Dennis K. Wickenden
Jill York

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